The Second Gathering of the Clan MacKinlay
Detroit, Michigan, U. S. A.
September 10, 1894

This is a copied from the booklet printed by the Clan, on their meeting of September 10, 1894.

The copy of the booklet was furnished by Mary McKinley Hook. Her family is family X.

There are XXIII families listed in the booklet. Each will be listed twice, first as they appeared in the booklet and second as an expanded tree. The expanded tree will include information furnished by a McKinley researcher, connecting to one of the families. Each researcher will be listed with the tree they connect with.


James McKinley (1), born in Ireland in 1708, perhaps a son of James "The Trooper", came to America before revolutionary War. Lived inPenn, Baltimore County, or Baltimore City, Md, Kentucky and Turtle Creek Tp, Warren County, Ohio. Was a Catholic. Died at the home of Eleanor Wiles Goodwin, his great-granddaughter, in 1812. This man was possibly ancestor of Family III.

Only Child positively identified

Rodger McKinley (2), born in Ireland about 1733, married Eleanor (?) Shaw, sister to John Shaw (who had a family of 13 children). Lived in Penn, Baltimore, Kentucky and Warren County, Ohio. John Shaw and family accompained him. Was in Warren County in 1809 when his son-in-law's will, witnessed by John Shaw, was probated, but both Rodger and John Shaw and family then disappear completely.

Only Child positively identified

Eleanor McKinley (3), born about 1767, m John Wiles about 1780. Had eight children. Wm McKinley Wiles, b 1787 in Penn., Eleanor, B 1789, in Baltimore while her mother was "visiting her people", James b 1791, place unknown, Alken Archibald, b 1797 in Kentucky, John Shaw Wiles and remaining children born in Warren County, Ohio. John Wiles died in 1809 and his will meations father-in-law Rodger McKinley. Eleanor Wiles m Samuel Goodwin and their eighth child, Rev. William Rees Goodwin, D.D. is the father of the Historian. Martha, youngest daughter of John and Eleanor McKinley Wiles, m Robert John and their only surviving son is Rev. J. P. D. John, D.D., L.L.D., President DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind. After the first generation this family were Presbyterians and Methodists.

Extended Family Icoming


_____McKinley (1) came from Scotland to Ireland about 200 or 225 years ago (was this James "The Tropper")?


The daughter and her husband are said to have assisted in holding the fortifications in Dublin against the Catholics at the time of the Catholic Insurrection. When was this?

____McKinley(2) There is need of this generation, if above statement is true, as the next man, having son in 1757, could scarcely be a son of the Scotch Emigrant. Is this man the James born 1708?


James (?) McKinley (3) m twice, So far as known he had

Child by 1st wife

Child by 2nd wife

The latter settled in or near Philadelphia but his descendants have not yet been ascertained. It is possible that there was an older brother David, b 1755.

William McKinley (4) born 1757 in Donegal County, Ireland, settled in Penn. (York County?), m Hannah rankin, of Indianan Co., Penn. They lived in Westmoreland Co., Penn. and Trumbill Co., Ohio.


John (5) ws the fatherof Hon Wm M. McKinley, of Portland, Indiana, who is the father of Dr. Esdras Burns McKinley of Vaughnsville, Ohio.
David (6) is living at Bluffton, Ohio. This family claims relationship with Governor McKinley's family. The father of the two half brothers is said to have been James. The elder brother was born 1757. As noted below, a James McKinley had son David in 1755. Perhaps William and James of this family are younger brothers of David. Note, however, that david was born in America while William and James are thought to have been born in Donegal, Ireland.

Extended Family IIcoming


____McKinley (1) born probably about 1708-10 in the North o Ireland. His son James came to America at age of 12 with still younger brother Willia. Probabilities are that the parent accompanied his children. Is he James McKinley b 1708 mentioned in Family I, and was Rodger another of these children? Or is he the William McKinley who ws in York and Adams Counties, Penn. in 1741?

Children, so far as known.

James McKinley (2) born about 1730, came from North of Ireland at age of 12, and settled in Penn. As his son David, was born in 1755, James must have been born about 1730 and have come to America about 1742. Was he the father also of William born 1757 and of James mentioned next family above?

Child - Only one known

David McKinley (3) born in York County, Penn, May 16, 1765, m Sarah Gray and Eleanor McLean, resided in York, Mercer and Westmoreland Counties, Penn. and Columbiana County, Ohio. Revolutionary Soidler. Did this man have younger brothers William b 1757 and James ?

Children by Sarah

Mr. Foulk married one of the daughters above mentioned and Mr. Fouts maried another. Do not know which.

James McKinley (4) of above family was father of William McKinley and grandfather of Governor William McKinley.

William McKinley (5), brother of the immigrant james, is said to have settled in the South, leaving among others a son Stephen who had a son Stephen, who lived at Polksborough, PA, in 1888, who had a son Rev. Russell A. McKinley, who in 1888 resided at Cleaarfield, Penn. William (5) is also said to be the ancestor of John McKinley, Justice of the Supreme Court, but see family IV.

Extended Family IIIcoming


John McKinley (1), a Scotch-Irishman, with his brother James, settled in Culpepper County, BA. The descendants, if any of James are not traced.

Only Child positively identified

Dr Andrew McKinley (2) lived in Culpepper County, VA, m Mary Logan. Was Surgeon in Revolutionary War. Removed to Lincoln County, Ky and died in 1786. If Governor McKinley's family traditions are correct, then this man's father's name should be William, who came with James about 1742 from North of Ireland, instead of John, as his descendants have it. Both unite in saying that he had a brother James, whatever his own name was.


Judge, John McKinley (3) b 1780 i Culpepper County, Va. Removed to Alabama in 1918. U.S. Senator 1826. Congressman 1833. Justice Supreme Court 1837 until death, July 19, 1852.


Extended Family IV


William M. McKinley (1) was a farmer in Carroll County, Maryland, where his third child was born in 1767, which would fix his birth at about 1740. He died in Sullivan County, Tenessee, aged 63, no date of death obtainable. He was probably the William McKinley, Private 6th Regiment Maryland Artillery in revolutionary War, who received Land Warrant No. 1646.


William McKinley (2) b June 5, 1767 in Carroll County, Md. m Sarah Davidson. Resided in Carroll County, Maryland, Sullivan County, Tennessee; Putman County, Indiana and Lucas County, Iowa, where he died October 5, 1850.


Samuel McKinley (3) was the father of Dr. L.D. McKinley, Chief of the Clan MacKinlay.

Extended Family Vcoming


_____McKinley (1) lived in Frederick Co., MD in 1773. Came probably from York co., Penn.

Only Child known

William McKinley (2) b 1773 in Frederick Co., MD., m Christine Hoffman and removed to East Springfield, Ohio, where he died March 5, 1855. Mrs. McKinley died in September, 1871 at the home of her son Dr. John McKinley (3), at Uricksville, Ohio.


Extended Family VIcoming


Capt. John McKinley (1), born in the North of Ireland or perhaps himself a Scotchman, eloped with the young lrish heress, Mary Conley (sometimes spelled Connelly). They were married Oct 10, 1763, in the city of Cork by Parson Paul Parish and came to Mount Royal Forge, Maryland, before May 1765. Captain McKinley removed to Western Virginia, at mouth of Wheeling Creek. He was an officer in Revolutionary War, and in 1782 he was killed in Crawford's expedition against the Indians and his head used by the Indians as a foot ball.


Elizabeth was born in Dublin, at Gravel Walks. Probably married ___Newman and settled in Louisville, Ky.

Harriet was born in Mount Royal Forge, Maryland, married Randal Gibson, son of Gibson Gibson, Feb 9, 1792.

Frances was born at the mouth of Wheeling Creek, West Virginia, and married David Gibson, son of Gibson Gibson.

John probably died young.

Thomas McKinley (2) married Sarah Stuart or Stewart, Dec. 31, 1793, in Monongolla County, West Virginis, and died June 2, 1835. He resided in Morgantown and in Harrison County, West Virginia.


Extended Family VIIcoming


______McKinley (1). This is the ancestor of the Borden, Indiana family of which only incomplete data has yet been received.


James McKinley (2) born in 1790, died in Clark County, Indiana, about 1885.


extended Family VIII


Duncan McKinley born 1765 in Scotland; removed to Ireland 1780-90, to America 1790. Married Rachel Hays in scotland or Ireland. Lived in Berne, N.Y. and Clay, N.Y. Died 1846-49.


The records of this family are being gathered by Eugene F. McKinley, June, Florida.

Alexander (2) had nine or ten children; lived in Pennsylvania.

John (3) had three sons and two daughters, one son, James (4), living in Ohio.

James (5) had a son Alexander.

Thomas (6) had a son Charles and two daughters.

William (7) had Richard W., Thomas Jefferson and Alonzo.

hugh (8) had three sons and two daughters, two of his sons being Gilbert (who had Bion and Eugene F., and Hays, a physician of Kenosha, Wis.

Jesse (9) had only one son, Judson.

Desecendants of the three unknown children are George, John, Clifford, Frederick, George and Roger.

Extended Family IX coming


John McKinley (1) probably was born and died in Ireland.

Only Child known

Archibald McKinley (2) was born in Ireland and died at Clermont, Iowa. His children were all born at Ballycastle, County Antrim, Ireland.


Extended Family X


Michael Green McKinley (1) lived in Maryland. Not known when or where born or married. Wife's name Sarah Fouts. The Fouts and York Count McKinley families also intermarried. Perhaps Michael Green went from York County, Penn. to Maryland. Was farmer. Removed to Russell County, Kentucky in 1796 and died during war of 1812, while stationed at Fort Wayne, Ind.


James McKinley (2) born Oct 13, 1792, in Maryland, married Diana Bailou (or Bailew) in Russell County, Kentucky. She was born in Baukem County, North Carolina. He was a farmer and removed from Kentucky in 1850 to Putman County, Missouri. Died June 29, 1873. Was in the war of 1812. His descendants reside principally in and around Rockville, Mo.


Extended Family XIcoming


Andrew McKinley, born Feb 6, 1809, in Washington County, Maryland. Probably a descendant of one of the York County, Pennsylvania, family. Married Ruhammah Rowland. Resided in Hancock and Flintstone, Md., Belleville, and Salisbury, Pa., and at Meyersville, Pa., where his descendants reside.


Extended Family XIIcoming


______McKinley (1) supposed to have been born in Ireland, settled in Pennsylvania and then removed to Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

Child - Only one known

Stephen McKinley (2) born July 23, 1797 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Married Dovie L. Roberson and removed to hardiman County, Tennessee and thence to Shive, Hamilton County, Texas, where his children and grand children reside.


Extended Family XIIIcoming


_McKinley (1) and three brothers came from Ireland and settled in Virginia. Names unknown.

Child - Only known

1 Charles Carson (2)..b....m Nancy Wallace

Charles Carson McKinley (2) maried Nancy Wallace, resided in Upson County, Georgeia. His son, Charles Wsley, resided in Axtell, texas.

Child - Only known

Extended Family XIVcoming


Samuel McKinley (1) born and married in Ireland. Came to America before 1790. Settled in Pennsylvania.


Samuel McKinley (2) was born in Ireland, was brought to America while a baby. Was the youngest child; married Martha Weldon, of Maryland, in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and removed to Kanawa River, Mason County, West Virginia. Died 1817. His family then removed to Ohio and this branch of the family has lost trace of the other branches.


Extended Family XVcoming


Arthur McKinley (1) born in North of Ireland.

Child - Only known

John McKinley (2) born in North of Ireland.

Child - Only known

James McKinley (3) born and married in North of Ireland. Settled in Belmont County, Ohio. Died Sept. 12, 1868.


Col. John McKinley (4) born Dec 24, 1805, in North of Ireland,; married, first Margaret Sin-Clair, second, Letta Sin clair (sisters). Was Colonel Ohio State Milltia for many years. Was Ohio and Mississippi river captain. Died Jan 19, 1864, at Sandy Springs, Ohio.

Children by first wife

Child by second wife

James McKinley (5) and his family, John, Sallie McKinley Fitch and Birtie McKinley, resided in Vancebury, Ky.

Extended Family XVIcoming


Dougald McKinlay (1) was born and married in Scotland; wife's name Catherine Campbell. resided Isle of Mull, Scotland. After death of Dougald his widow and children came to America (about 1802), settling at North River, Prince Edward Island, where eldest son, Donald, remained. Catherine married and settled in Prince edward Island, John moved to Miramiehl, New Brunswick, married and settled there.


Donald McKinlay (2) born 1788, married Mary McKinnon; was a farmer in Prince Edward Island. Died 1869. data furnished by Mary Ellen McKinlay, wife of Rev. Dr. W. B. Bradshaw, Hiawatha, Kan., daughter of Alexander (3).


Extended Family XVII


William McKinley (1) born March 19, 1785, in London, England, settled in Philadelphia; married 1807 Margaret McMullen; was a merchant. His son Rev. Washington dawson McKinley, of Warsaw, N. Y., furnishes data.


Extended Family XVIIIcoming


______McKinley (1) lived near Castle Green, County Clare, Ireland.


______McKinley (2) born near Castle Green, Ireland. Married Nancy Gelasby; settled in Philadelphia, where his children lived, except John, who settled in Milesburg, Pa. Mary's son, W. W. Furney, resides in Constantine, Mich.


Extended Family XIXcoming


William McKinlay (1) came to America from Scotland.

Child - Only known

William McKinley (2) probably born in Ohio. Removed to Indiana.


William McKinley (3) resided in Troy, Indiana, where his daughter resides.

Only Child

Extended Family XXcoming


______McKInley (1) came from Scotland, settled in New York, married and raised a family.

Children - All known

George McKinley (2) settled in Canada and raised a large family.

Children - All known

Richard McKinley (3) born in 1764 in New York State; married about 1790____Rose, daughter of Col. James Rose. was solider in Revolutionary war at age of 13.


Simeon Rose McKinley (4) resided in New York, Elgin, Ill., Iowa and Minnesota. Had nine children of whom the fourth was Squire Simeon, father of Irving Squire McKinley, of Park rapids, Minn., who furnished family data.

Extended Family XXIcoming


William McKinlay (1) was born and died in Glen Lussa, near Campbelltown, Scotland, where his family had lived for many generations.


Archibald McKinlay (2) married Agnes Campbell in Scotland and had eight children of whom the youngest was:

James McKinlay (3) born Aug 28, 1807, Campbelltown, Argyieshire, Scotland; removed to America; married Margaret Lang Oct 29, 1836, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and died Sep 9, 1893.


Hon. Robert Lang McKinlay (4) resides in Paris, Ill, and is the father of Marie B. McKinlay, the secretary of the Clan McKinlay.

extended Family XXIIcoming


(This information, which comes while the pamphlet is in press, will probably prove of the greatest importance in connecting the Irish branches. Mr. Patrick McKinley, of Freeport, Kansas, writes that he is the sixth generation from the McKinley who settled in Ireland from Scotland; that the immigrants landed at Fair Head, County Antrim, near Ballycastle; thaat the Catholic branches clung to the names Patrick, James and John and the Protestant branches were replete with Williams. Mr McKinley will co-operate with your historian in securing immediately the data of these early generations. See also Family X).

_____McKinley (1) settled near Ballycastle, County Antrim, Ireland.

Only Child known

Patrick McKinley (2) was a farmer; Catholic; born at Ballytangham; married at Cashenden, both in County Antrim.

Only Child known

Donald McKinley (3) born at ballylaugham, married ____O'Hara.

Children - All known

Patrick McKinley (4) born about 1754; married about 1794 Alice McHenry, daughter of Michael McHenry.


Donald McKinley (5) born 1796; married 1832 Annie McAllister, daughter of Archie and Mary (McAully) McAllister; born 1809.


Patrick McKinley (6) born Nov 16, 1835, Ballyiaughan, County Antrim, Ireland; married July 8, 1866 at Cushenden, Margaret McCambridge, born 1845, daughter of John and Mary McCambridge. Emigrated to America April 1873; resides at Freeport, Harper County Kansas.


Extended Family XXIIIcoming